Passion To Revive: The past 20 years has been turbulent for Kashmir and its people and a resultant fall in patronage from tourists and visitors has forced Kashmir craftsmen to find alternate means of livelihood. The highly desired artistry of Kashmir craftsmen is at a decisive point in history. Century old traditional skills, dating back to 15th and 16th century that have been preserved through generations may be lost if the local indigenous art in Kashmir does not find patronage. We at Albasir Industries are passionate about reviving Kashmir indigenous art not just for our generation but importantly for future generations to come. By simply buying direct from Kashmir artisan’s handcrafted items that are expensive for the local population to support. We will be providing patronage to traditional skills that are at the brink. Importantly this would provide an opportunity for income that currently is limited or does not exist for the artisans.

Our Impact: 1200 artisans & growers, 5500 livelihoods, 150+ categories, 18000 customers, 750+ products & much more ahead.

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